In January 2015, Juniper Roots Therapy and Wellness opened, located at 206-55 Cork St. in Guelph, Ontario. The name Juniper Roots was specifically chosen for a variety of reasons. As mentioned in the About Me tab, horticulture therapy has been an interest of mine for some time now. Nature, and its vast symbolism, has always brought a sense of stability, spirituality, intrigue and peace to me.  When thinking of a name for my new office space, it was no wonder that I was drawn to thinking of nature. 

Juniper Trees are symbolic for a great journey that has many twists and turns. It is a tree that continues to grow, despite all odds.  When other vegetation and ground life around it withers or dies due to drought or harsh conditions, juniper trees continue to find life.  How it is able to do this is mainly attributed to its roots system, making up more than 2/3 of the tree's mass.  Juniper trees typically don't grow straight. They grow sideways, up, down... pretty much in any way that enables it to survive. Do you see the symbolism here? I don't know about you, but the plan I had for my life and the reality of how my life turned out, has looked more like a Juniper tree than a tree that is only vertical in nature. Life has ups and downs.  It has times where you feel like you're moving more horizontally than vertically. It's important to remember that it's still possible to thrive. In order to this, there must build a great foundation.  I like to think of roots people need in life consisting of skills (therapeutic and life), professionals and non-professional support systems, faith/spirituality, understanding and maintaining a healthy sense of nutrition and exercise, and so on. I encourage you to check out what Juniper Roots Therapy and Wellness, and the therapists and professionals that work here have to offer.

Currently, Juniper Roots Therapy and Wellness is a place that primarily focuses on the treatment of those personally struggling, or family and friends of someone who is struggling, with an eating disorder. This said, therapists involved at Juniper Roots Therapy and Wellness may see cliental for other reasons as well.  It contains two smaller offices and a larger office conducive for groups and individual/family therapy. It is a place that supports the Health At Every Size model, and encourages healthy and normalized relationships with food, weight and exercise. If you are a professional who works within this model and specific population (i.e.: dieticians, therapists, recreational therapists, art therapists etc), and would like to have your private practice in Juniper Roots Therapy and Wellness, contact Karen McGratten here