wiTHIN Review

I've been thinking a lot about the graphic novel, wiTHIN, Emily McGratten and I have done, anxiously wondering what the future will be for this book. It's been a vulnerable, and exciting, experience putting work out there for everyone to see and to have an opinion about. It's tough to submit work in hopes of landing a publisher, to not hear back. You question yourself and doubt yourself, while still holding big hopes and a passion for what you created. Yet, I keep having conversation with people... whether on the street or in coffee shops, with family, friends and colleagues. Published or not, this was one of the purposes of wiTHIN... to raise awareness... and it is doing just that! 

It's so incredibly neat to connect with the art community (especially because I can only draw stick people) and the encouragement they have given, in addition to those in the mental health field. I cannot say how thankful I am for the individuals and companies who have took an interest in wiTHIN by doing reviews, interviews or radio shows (see more here). For those who supported our Kickstarted campaign and have bought our book in stores or at comic conventions. Thank you thank you thank you! We believe in this book and want to spread the word through art regarding mental health, eating disorders, and hope. Thank you for continuing to help us do so and for all the ways you have continued the conversation!

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