A Few of My Favourite Things

Every now and then, family members send me random links of animals being silly or ridiculously cute. I love it. Despite how sad, stressed, distracted, anxious or whatever other feeling I’m feeling that isn’t the most pleasant, they always make me smile. They give me a reprieve from my emotional distress. These links or pictures don’t change what contributed to my distress, and I still have to deal with it, however, it lets me have a second to regroup and smile before going back to it. During my masters, I had Cute Overload in my tool bar on my computer for easy access to help balance the demands of academia. I thought I’d share some of my favourites links or PodCasts that make me smile or provide me with a much needed distraction*. What are yours?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Cute Overload - Twitter


National Geographic


This Is That - CBS (attn: satire content!)


Science Vs - Gimlet Media (Podcast)


Surprisingly Awesome - Gimlet Media (Podcast)


*I do not endorse everything in the above links