3rd Printing of wiTHIN

It's hard to believe... but it's true.  We just received our third printing of wiTHIN... and it comes with some interesting changes. 

We are now using a different printing company in Toronto (TLAC). This company is pretty rad, as they take a part of their printing proceeds and writes a cheque (monthly!) to SickKids Patient Care, in part of the Foundation of Hope and Hospitals in Toronto, ON. So, in a way, when you buy a copy of wiTHIN, not only do you get some amazing art and read, you are also helping those in need! Cool, eh!?

Some others changes we made was including an ISBN number (looking official now people!), changed its size, as well as added quotes from various magazine articles and bloggers on the back cover. It has been such a humbling experience to receive encouragement and support from various avenues. And you are included in this as we wouldn't have been able to get a third printing done if people weren't buying our book! Thank you!

Emily is now off to plant trees, but don't you worry... Part 2 is in the illustrative works! If you have no idea what  wiTHIN is all about... check it out on my website or by clicking here.